Witty WIT Speakers needed for 24 Hours of PASS – March 2011

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SQL PASS is planning another 24 Hours of PASS (24HOP). It will be March 15-16, 2011. Since that is during Women’s History month all the speakers will be women. So if you’re a Woman in Tech (WIT) and know something about SQL or how Windows or storage affects SQL this is a great opportunity!


Email your abstract to 24hours@sqlpass.org by Jan 14, 2011. No more than 250 words for the abstract itself plus 125 words for your bio.


So what is 24HOP? The format has changed a bit over time, but currently it consists of 12 hours of back to back one hour sessions about SQL Server held two days in a row. Each session is delivered by a different speaker and the topics vary quite a bit but all relate to understanding SQL Server. This is all done over Live Meeting so you can attend from your desk, and the sessions are made available for viewing later if you can’t attend them all live. Ideally the sessions will have time at the end for questions, so you don’t need a full hour of slides and/or demos.


So why should you submit an abstract? Here are a few good reasons: Community involvement, including speaking, is one of the things that can help qualify you for nomination for SQL MVP. A speaking engagement is a great item to put on your review or resume. And by speaking at smaller events like 24HOP it becomes easier to get your abstracts selected at bigger, more competitive events such as SQL PASS.


I look forward to seeing all of you speaking at 24HOP, your local user groups, and SQL PASS!


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