How will your life be different when you have a career that works for YOU?

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You no longer feel like the leading lady of your own career. Now what?

It’s unfair. It hurts. It feels personal. Whether it’s a bully, a harasser, bias and inequities, or something you know is wrong but can’t quite name – you know your workplace isn’t working for you and you want a new path forward.


I was laid off from Microsoft in 2014, I get how painful it is. With all the recent tech industry layoffs, I want folks to remember companies are still nurturing internal talent and hiring. YOU can still have your dream career.

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I left a 25-year tech career to start Befriending Dragons when reporting harassment led me down a path of discovery, systems thinking, adaptive leadership, and community focus. I help you discover your own path forward to a successful, fulfilling career.

Cindy Gross

She/her | ex-techie SQLCindy |
Delaware, Cherokee, and USA citizen |
survivor of workplace bullies and harassers

If you’re looking for someone who is direct, safe, empathetic, supportive, generative, and focused – you’re in the right place. My clients say I have an “extraordinary impact” and “amazing insight,” create safety by being vulnerable and fully present, sift through noise to surface the gems, and infuse a race + gender equity perspective into my listening & questions.

Cindy’s Origin Story

After 25 years in corporate tech I was burned out. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t make decisions. I couldn’t cope with anything. So I took a lot of time off and slowly, so slowly, worked through the trauma of reporting harassment at work, of being involved in a pay inequity fight, of so much bias and so many white male shaped bars. I realized what was missing was connection, community, and values-based leadership. So I became that. The connector. The community nurturer. The coach who really gets systemic inequities and wants to lead with relationships. I befriended all those dragons, and now I help my clients THRIVE.

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