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Cindy has a way of sifting through the noise of logistics and emotions, to get at the heart of an issue. She invests heavily in the experience, and success, of her clients — and her investment is obvious through the entire coaching experience. She is a powerful coach, and she has the ability to not only ask critical questions at the right time, but to model the questions you will need to ask yourself moving forward on a sustainable path to thriving.

My time working with Cindy was powerful. No matter the topic, I was able to cut through the noise that I thought I had already resolved, and come out on the other side better able to identify my desired path forward. Because of her services, I am a more intentional, curious, and confident person — and her impact in my life has been extraordinary.

If you are looking for a coach who invests with their whole self, while supporting you in befriending your own dragons — hire Cindy TODAY!!!

Dr. Sarah Lloyd

Dr. sarahlloyd, PhD
The Equity Whisperer

She has skillfully coached me through some of the most challenging times in my business and personal life. I HIGHLY recommend her!

Kate Amber, MSc
Developer of the PsychoSocial Quicksand Model™ of Coercive Control

I went to Cindy for coaching professionally when an unexpected family upheaval occurred in my life. Her insight proved extremely revelatory and helped me navigate it well. Cindy challenges you and also provides warm support. Coaching with her was eye opening. Her insights on being a woman in technology gave me strength when I thought I might be going crazy. I highly recommend coaching with Cindy for anyone, but particularly women in tech.

Julie Smith, MSDA
Data Technologist

Cindy has amazing insight into workplace discrimination, sexism and racism related issues particularly in tech industry. She is also a great listener and has ability to help people find what they are good at without a lot of effort. I was able to find the alternate direction I needed with her help. I highly recommend her coaching and guidance.

Mala Mahadevan
Database Engineer & Community Leader

My recent private coaching sessions with Cindy were a game-changer for me. Cindy is a fantastic coach for women in tech. She truly understands the challenges we face, from navigating work culture to combating biases. With her guidance, I learned to see different options without changing my current situation. Cindy helped me gain confidence and own my value in a whole new way. Her ability to create a supportive and empowering environment made a significant impact. If you’re a woman in tech looking to thrive, I highly recommend working with her. She’s an amazing coach!

Josephine Bush
Principal Database Engineer & Data Platform MVP

Cindy leverages her lived experience and coaching expertise to help people better understand issues from the perspective of people whose lives are different from ours. I participated in an anti-racism group that Cindy ran in 2021, and I looked forward to the insightful and honest discussions in every session. The program opened my eyes in many ways. Thanks to my work with Cindy, I now think about whose voices I am amplifying when I share something or buy a book.

Julia Goldstein
Communication that Supports Businesses on their Sustainability Journeys

What I appreciate most is her willingness to say hard things and call out inequities in a way that invites conversation rather than shuts it down.

Cindy is smart, resourceful and intolerant of all forms of inequities. She puts that focus to work in everything she does.

Jeni Craswell
President & CEO at Leadership Eastside

Cindy consistently grew my awareness, raised my consciousness, and contributed to creating a safe space for exploration of issues facing women in the workplace or as business owners. Her ability to coach, ask insightful questions, show leadership, responsiveness, strategic solutions for systems was always appreciated and valued by myself and other members. I also always felt how strongly she cared that each and every one of us thrived. Highly recommended.

Erin Keam
Marketing & Shopaholic Support, Money On Her Mind, Podcaster

Working with and learning from Cindy is an honor. Creating a learning environment to better ourselves through understanding intersections in life and how we can set examples to further social equity and diversity are the most worthy goals. I am so grateful to have been part of one of Cindy’s groups and grow from that experience to further understand how I can contribute as a business owner to the social good of my community.

Jessica Drake
Owner at Room to Craft

Simply OUTSTANDING – my favorite session of the conference!”

The applause for ALL the #DataWIT speakers would be DEAFENING in person, but I think it’s possible @CindyGross would’ve brought down the damn house.”

“Best session ever!”

“Whew, @CindyGross is closing this #DataWIT session with heavy truths.”

“One of the best presentations on this topic I’ve seen.”

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