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Cindy Gross [she/her]
Workplace Thrival Coach, Race + Gender Equity Adaptive Leader, Speaker

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FREE intro session to learn first-hand the value you get from a coaching partnership with Cindy! Many of my clients choose the Workplace Thrival Package for individuals.

Teal, black, and white design. Arrow points to "register today." Race + Gender Equity Toolkit. Practical tools, probing questions, and frameworks to help you step forward from learning to equitable actions. Cindy Gross - former techie, adaptive leader, workplace thrival coach. November 15, 2022. All-day pre-con. Online and Seattle Convention Center.

Register before September 14 for a discounted rate to join my all-day pre-con at PASS Data Community Summit: Race + Gender Equity Toolkit. We’ll cover practical tools, probing questions, and frameworks to help you step forward from learning to equitable actions. Examples will come from my experience in the tech industry, but no tech experience is required to join – it’s open to EVERYONE.

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Service Offerings and Packages

Generative Coach

I am a Workplace Thrival Coach, an Adaptive Community Leader, an Anti-Racism Leader, an ex-techie, and the founder of Befriending Dragons. I nurture equitable anti-bullying, anti-racist cultures via coaching partnerships with folks on their own personal culture change journeys. Our internal DRAGONS make us small, but we can BEFRIEND them. We can regain our voices. We can heal. We can make tech stronger, better, more innovative. I lead and coach with empathy and an intersectional social equity perspective so you can unleash the change and impact you want to have in the world.

My clients are

  • Women Pivoting at Work – you’re ready to define the way YOU want to show up at work, fully authentic with great boundaries, and commit to a journey to get there.
  • Folks Deepening an Anti-Racism and Gender Equity Journey – we explore where you want to go, what impactful actions you can take within your scope of control, and how align your goals with other stakeholders in the area you want to impact.
  • Tech Leaders – you’re committed to DEI and want an individual action plan that creates true culture change. Regardless of your formal title or authority, you are ready to make a change and traditional DEI efforts aren’t getting you there.

Culture Change Partnerships

  • Cindy delivers a Race + Gender Equity Cohort combined with individual coaching for folks to develop their own specific, ongoing intersectional Anti-Racism action plans that align with their own goals and scope of control.
  • Gracious Space Facilitator: Certified Gracious Space Facilitator and Trainer.
  • We share our knowledge and skills with your Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) groups, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), HR organizations, and internal executive, leadership, and career coaches. Cindy’s 25+ years as a techie and extensive coach training make her uniquely qualified to bring culture changes to technology organizations.


My Story

Cindy has met many scary dragons in her life – breast cancer, divorce, a layoff, changing roles and technologies, workplace harassment as a woman in tech, fighting for LGBTQ+ and abortion rights in a hostile state, constant striving to meet an impossible to meet “White Male Shaped Bar” for success, and the idea that we always have to put work first. Most recently she left the corporate tech world to strike out on her own as a coach, speaker, and Strategic Adaptive Leader. She is immersed in a rich community filled with people like her who create justice, meaning, allies, and dreams. Each time she steps back and looks at the situation from a different perspective to open up more useful choices. She befriends each dragon, learns how to make it a part of her past, and takes only the parts she wants forward to the next stage of her life. That’s what Befriending Dragons is all about – take those scary things and blend the best parts into our lives. Then we can respond in the way we each need, the way that takes us down the path we want.

Hear more of my dragon stories here.

Cindy Gross She/Her – Cisgender straight white woman, atheist, sociable introvert, trauma survivor, 50+, depression and anxiety haver, English speaker, & breast cancer survivor. US, Delaware Tribe of Indians, & Cherokee Nation citizen. I reside on the stolen lands of the Coast Salish and Duwamish.


7 thoughts on “Befriend Dragons Together

  1. Many thanks & much gratitude for your energy today! I participated in your Zoom webinar through the Riviter… I can’t wait to connect with you & your material more! I’m always feeling like I’m between a rock & a hard place with ALL OF THESE CONCEPTS … I just had a conversation which I was agreeing with the person of color & asking for her input & Guidance & she was not only evasive but she pulled a fragility card on me & not only left the conversation but erased the conversation & I would have loved for you to have been able to Decipher it because I’m always trying & never succeeding in being an ally.

  2. Cindy-
    What a pleasure to read your site and get to know the incredible woman you are. I’ve been the wife of a tech genius and worked in corporate America in various support positions and your experiences are real and shared. I loved living in New Hampshire where I wasn’t afraid to talk politics or anything else. I find Texas (with the exception of Austin) a place I’m afraid to use my voice. I really enjoyed the interview Katrina linked me to and checking out your website since I don’t social network.
    Please visit if you’re nearby. I am your Aunt Marilyn.

  3. Cindy is a wonderful coach! She is great at listening for things that may be blocking success and assisting her clients in discovering more effective pathways to growth. I HIGHLY recommend her!

  4. I would absolutely love to take advantage of your SheEO “give”

    Is it still available

    1. Hi,Dear Cindy Gross,

      It is awesome to learn about the work you are doing at befriending dragons .To empower ,educate the marginalised groups through sharing powerful stories, developing commonalities, motivating them etc I wish you you all the best in your endeavors.And also will be a regular visitor to your website to learn and gain insights.

  5. I would absolutely love to take advantage of your SheEO “give”

    Is it still available

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