No new certifications for SQL 2008 R2

Some of you may be wondering if you should get the SQL Server 2008 certifications or wait for new SQL Server 2008 R2 certifications. There’s no point in waiting, because there will not be any new exams for R2. See the blog below for the reasons why. If you want to get a SQL Server certification, go ahead and prepare for the SQL Server 2008 exams.

Why the SQL Server 2008 Certifications Don’t Cover R2

SQL Server Certification

Levels/types of certification, each having a prerequisite of the one before it.

·         MCTS = Pass one test in a given technology area

·         MCITP = Pass one or more tests that relate to a skill area within a product. For SQL Server the three MCITP options are Administrator, Developer, or BI.

·         MCM/Master = Pass 3 tests and a lab exercise as part of 3 weeks of rigorous training

For a nice visual representation, see

Click through on any exam listed in the above links for details on what to study for each exam. Start on the “Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist” tab as those exams are prerequisites for MCITP.

For example, you may wish to take the Database Development exam for SQL 2008 (70-433). Click on Skills Measured for areas to practice/study. Click on Preparation Materials for potential classes, books, practice tests, and more. SQL BOL and blogs are also good prep tools. Let me know which areas you want to learn more about and I can either explain them directly and/or offer links to good study material.

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