What’s all the Buzz about Hadoop and Hive?

What’s all the Buzz about Hadoop and Hive? Why it Matters for SQL Server Peeps Small Bites of Big Data Cindy Gross, SQLCAT PM On September 20, 2012 we have another 24 Hours of PASS event! This PASS Summit Preview will give you a taste of what is coming at this year’s PASS Summit. ThereContinue reading “What’s all the Buzz about Hadoop and Hive?”

No new certifications for SQL 2008 R2

Some of you may be wondering if you should get the SQL Server 2008 certifications or wait for new SQL Server 2008 R2 certifications. There’s no point in waiting, because there will not be any new exams for R2. See the blog below for the reasons why. If you want to get a SQL ServerContinue reading “No new certifications for SQL 2008 R2”