Save the SQL error logs….


Many people use sp_cycle_errorlog to rollover to a new SQL error log periodically. Please make sure this is necessary and/or that you are not doing it too frequently. The more often you roll over the log the greater the chance you will not have troubleshooting or historical information available, especially after a series of unexpected sequential restarts. If you are cycling the log, you probably want to keep more than the default number of 7 logs so you’re less likely to lose valuable troubleshooting information.


2199578 How to manage the SQL Server errorlog;en-US;2199578

Configure SQL Server Error Logs (General Page)

“In Object Explorer, expand your server, expand Management, right-click SQLServerLogs, and then click Configure.“


One thought on “Save the SQL error logs….

  1. I think that on many sites, the DBAs are never having a look at their SQL Server error logs.They see only that these files are big, "stealing" spaces which should be more useful to store the data.

    According to me, to have a look at the error logs is an useful behaviour as it would permit to foresee problems related to bad configuration settings ( for example ) or to discover that applications are using them to "trace" the activity  ( a problem coming from developers who seem to ignore that an application "logfile" would be more useful and easy to use.

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