24HOP: SQL Server Performance Tools

Thanks to everyone who attended my session today! I think the 740 or so of you overloaded the audio. 🙂 Sorry everything wasn’t clear on the voice delivery, hopefully the slides (below) provide enough information for you to know what to download. Then you can load your own SQLDiag data into SQL Nexus and see all the stuff I showed in the demos! Remember that I was showing you the “near future” version 4.0 of SQL Nexus, what you can download today from CodePlex is version 3.0. I’ll tweet when the new version is released.


There are still many sessions left in this spring 2011 24 Hours of PASS, attend as many as you can today and tomorrow! Look for the recordings to be available soon.


My slides are below, the abstract is: SQL Server Performance Tools: Troubleshooting performance issues with SQL Server can be confusing and time consuming. I want to make sure you are familiar with some of the common tools used to help troubleshoot performance issues and when to use each. I will provide best practices around troubleshooting methodology, SQLDiag, PSSDiag, SQL Nexus, Profiler / SQL Trace, and PerfMon. After this presentation you will be better able to narrow down a performance problem and focus in on where to spend your time and effort.

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Some of the key references:


·          SQL Server 2008 Internals and Troubleshooting – Chapter 8 Defining Your Approach to Troubleshooting

·          PerfStats – Download

·          SQL Nexus on Codeplex – Download

·          RML/Readtrace – Download

·          SQLDiag – Parameters/Usage

·          Waits and Queues – White Paper

·          New Opportunities to be a SQL Master – Changes to the program



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