Professional SQL Server 2008 Internals and Troubleshooting

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Our new book, Professional SQL Server 2008 Internals and Troubleshooting, will be shipping soon! Order now! 🙂 Christian Bolton, Justin Langford, Brent Ozar, and James Rowland-Jones have each written several chapters in this book. Steven Wort, Jonathan Kehayias and I each contributed a chapter as well. The 1st half of the book introduces you to how things work within SQL Server at a level that will make it easier to understand the rest of the book. The 2nd half of the book focuses on troubleshooting common SQL Server problems.

Download the first chapter and find out more about the book here:

Chapters include:

  1. SQL Server Architecture
  2. Understanding Memory
  3. SQL Server Waits and Extended Events
  4. Working with Storage
  5. CPU and Query Processing
  6. Locking and Latches
  7. Knowing Tempdb
  8. Defining Your Approach to Troubleshooting
  9. Viewing Server Performance with PerfMon and the PAL Tool
  10. Tracing SQL Server with SQL Trace and Profiler
  11. Consolidating Data Collection with SQLDiag and the PerfStats Script
  12. Introducing RML Utilities for Stress Testing and Trace File Analysis
  13. Bringing It All Together with SQL Nexus
  14. Using Management Studio Reports and the Performance Dashboard
  15. Using SQL Server Management Data Warehouse
  16. Shortcuts to Efficient Data Collection and Quick Analysis