Remote Desktop Options

You probably use remote desktop to connect to your servers or other desktops. You may see Remote Desktop referred to as RDP, RDS, or MSTSC. One common concern is how to resize the remote desktop connection. You can use mstsc.exe to open your connection and pass /f for full screen. You can also pass in the specific pixel count with /w: and /h:. If you have multiple monitors on both the local and remote machines, you can use /span to be able to use both monitors. If you prefer the GUI, when you launch mstsc.exe, click on the options button. On the display tab you have a slider bar of less…more for size. Something else you may find useful is making your local desktop drives available on your RDP session. On the “local resources” tab click on “more” and then check “drives” in the white box. Back on the general tab you can choose to save the current connection settings and use them again.


If you want to see what documented options are available from the command line run mstsc.exe /? and take a look at the popup window. Alternatively you can look at this site:


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