Considerations for installing SQL Server on VMWare

You still need to follow the standard SQL Server best practices, security, and preparation when you install on a VMware VM. Below are some additional considerations with regards to VMware.   Key points: ·         You must double check that your combination of VMWare, Windows, and SQL will be supported. o   By Microsoft:, o   ByContinue reading “Considerations for installing SQL Server on VMWare”

SQL Server Consolidation

Many companies are now looking to consolidate their SQL Server instances. The old strategy of one instance per server can be wasteful of resources. Often large chunks of physical resources sit idle and a lot of money is spent on electricity to power all those machines. If you can consolidate even some of your instancesContinue reading “SQL Server Consolidation”

SQL Server 2005/2008 Now Supports Guest Clustering in a Virtual Machine!

Technorati Tags: SQL Server,virtualization Guest clustering in a Virtual Machine for SQL Server has been a hotly requested feature for quite some time, and as of today it is officially supported! See the below links from Bob Ward for the exact details. Basically the guest OS has to be Windows 2008 or higher, SQL ServerContinue reading “SQL Server 2005/2008 Now Supports Guest Clustering in a Virtual Machine!”

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