Data Gathering – SQL Server Setup Problems

Data Gathering – SQL Server Setup Problems Cindy Gross, Dedicated Support Engineer   Gathering the right data during a problem can get you a long ways towards resolving the problem. When you ask the right questions and clearly define the problem it changes the way you approach the remaining steps. Sometimes the answer to aContinue reading “Data Gathering – SQL Server Setup Problems”

Using Mount Points with SQL Server

Using Mount Points with SQL Server Author: Cindy Gross, Dedicated Support Engineer Tech Reviewer: Min He, SQL Cluster PM   Summary: Microsoft does NOT support installing or putting databases on the “root” of a mount point in SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 unless you manually manage the ACLs/permissions yourself (modified 1/13/12).  The key pointsContinue reading “Using Mount Points with SQL Server”

New SQL Server Setup Portal is Live!

There’s a new setup portal to help you out with any SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 R2 setup issues. You can search for setup content, get downloads, watch videos and more. Learn how to slipstream (new in SQL 2008 SP1) or sysprep (new in R2). Check it out and let us know whatContinue reading “New SQL Server Setup Portal is Live!”

How to slipstream SP1 based CU5 into SQL Server 2008

Starting with SQL Server 2008 SP1 you can “slipstream” SP1 and/or SP1 + SP1 based CUs to avoid a multi-step installation process.   To install a slipstreamed instance with SQL08+SP1+SP1-based-CU5 I followed these steps based on the above blog by Peter Saddow: 1)      You will probably want to rename the directory (and thereforeContinue reading “How to slipstream SP1 based CU5 into SQL Server 2008”

SQL Server 2008 setup may report a Windows 2008 cluster validation failure

You may receive the error “The cluster either has not been verified or there are errors or failures in the verification report” while installing a SQL Server clustered installation on Windows 2008. When see this error you must fix the underlying error that caused Windows validation to fail. Even though in some cases you couldContinue reading “SQL Server 2008 setup may report a Windows 2008 cluster validation failure”

How to tell what edition your SQL Server setup files are

The setup files for SQL Server look pretty much the same for all editions. If you saved the files somewhere but didn’t indicate in your directory name or a readme file which edition they are for, how do you tell the edition? Running setup doesn’t necessarily help, the initial setup screens for SQL Server 2005Continue reading “How to tell what edition your SQL Server setup files are”

SQL Server 2005 Clustering Tips/References

I have copied this over from an older blog. I have cleaned it up a bit to clarify a few areas and added some links. SQL Server 2005 Clustering Tips/References This information will supplement the clustering information I wrote in chapter 10 of SQL Server 2005 Practical Troubleshooting: The Database Engine   — Handy cluster related infoContinue reading “SQL Server 2005 Clustering Tips/References”