Question the Narrative

Own Your Narrative

We all have narratives we return to. We do it when we talk about ourselves and when we talk about others. Often we speak from habit, from deeply ingrained patterns that we may not recognize or know how to alter. Our narratives inform all the stories we tell. We can question those narratives and then form more useful narratives, which leads us to tell different stories.

Race + Gender Equity in Systems

We often repeat the talking points we hear in class, in the news, and in fictional stories – movies, books, comedy routines. When we question and probe the deeper meanings we can find additional ways to think about everything around us. “Question the Narrative” is a key tool in building more equitable cultures, as it enables us to see the waters we swim in, which are steeped in white supremacy and patriarchy. Once we see these waters, we can tell more equitable stories, stories that open up options and build more equitable cultures.

Personal Thrival

We develop habits, patterns, and routines in how we talk about ourselves – to ourselves and to others. Our internal dialogue is often full of “I am not enough” alternating with “I am too much.” We can use the “Question the Narrative” framework to pay attention to what we say about ourselves, and reframe that into a narrative that is more useful to us. This is how we begin to live an authentic life where we feel we belong in the spaces we enter. This is the foundation of living into our values, nurturing useful boundaries, and staying in alignment with our purpose. This is how we THRIVE.


Cindy uses the Question the Narrative framework in her coaching, consulting, and speaking work. It’s a powerful tool that gives insight into the narratives that fuel all the stories around us. When we listen differently to ourselves and to others, we open new possibilities that transform our life journeys through innovative actions.

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