dr. sarahlloyd, PhD | The Equity Whisperer

Cindy has a way of sifting through the noise of logistics and emotions, to get at the heart of an issue. She invests heavily in the experience, and success, of her clients — and her investment is obvious through the entire coaching experience. She is a powerful coach, and she has the ability to not only ask critical questions at the right time, but to model the questions you will need to ask yourself moving forward on a sustainable path to thriving.

My time working with Cindy was powerful. No matter the topic, I was able to cut through the noise that I thought I had already resolved, and come out on the other side better able to identify my desired path forward. Because of her services, I am a more intentional, curious, and confident person — and her impact in my life has been extraordinary.

If you are looking for a coach who invests with their whole self, while supporting you in befriending your own dragons — hire Cindy TODAY!!!

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