Big Data Dragon

Press Release 2019 – Big Data Dragon Births Befriending Dragons

I started Big Data Dragon as a new people-focused way to look at big and small data, databases, architecting cloud solutions, and distributed computing. That quickly grew into also looking at new ways to view tech work cultures, health, emotional intelligence, retaining tech employees, and increasing equity, inclusion, and diversity in tech. The real catalyst to recreate my business as a full-time job instead of a sideline was my own experience facing one particular sexual harasser: the team bully, a self-proclaimed “brilliant jerk” at Microsoft. Now that my business is much bigger than Big Data Dragons, I have re-branded as Befriending Dragons. It’s all about re-framing our scary dragons into friendly dragons that nurture accessible paths where previously we only saw roadblocks. That’s what befriending dragons is all about – take those scary things and blend the best parts into our lives. 

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Cindy Gross, Founder and Chief Anti-Harassment Officer
Pronouns: She/Her